Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning is not feeling as cold as it should, we have the machinery to check and recharge the gas levels within your vehicle. We also have the correct chemicals to de-bug the system of any bacteria build up , which will remove any unpleasant odors. Your air conditioning will be cleansed and fully recharged back to manufacturers specification.

Air Conditioning Health Check Includes:

•Checking the operation of the valves in both the high and low pressure circuits
•Testing system for blockages and moisture content in the oil
•Testing operational efficiency of air conditioning system
•Checking condition of visible pipes / components for leakage and security

Gas & Recharge Includes:

•Removal and cleaning of the gas to remove any moisture and contamination
•Recharge with gas and dye, and test system for leaks

The dye used in the recharging of the system will identify any leaks, usually within a couple of weeks. 

We use latest air conditioning test and service equipment and our air con technicians are F-Gas trained. With direct access to most air conditioning components we offer very competitive prices and are able to minimise the time your vehicle is off the road.

Please call our office to book an appointment.

A/C Re-Gas

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