Boat Engine Reconditioning process

Our team of experienced mechanics and engineers will professionally dismantle your engine. They will conduct a full inspection of the engine and with your confirmation re-manufacture it to the highest standard.

First your boat engine is fully dismantled and all components are cleaned and prepared using the latest high pressure techniques and specialist cleansing solutions. Once this process has been completed the components with all carbon deposits and debris having been removed.

This then allows our engineers to inspect each component to determine if the engine can be remanufactured to a high level and the exact costs involved.

A fully detailed report is now completed outlining what is required and the costs involved to return the engine to a good operational level.

The report includes:

  • Exact cost of work involved.
  • Condition of the components.
  • Details of additional work required.
  • Full list of replacement parts required.
  • Details of any re-conditioning required.
  • Estimated completion date

The reconditioning of your boat engine may require the cylinder block to be re-honed or re-bored, the pistons and/or rings may need replacing. The cylinder head maybe need skimming or even replacing. Your personalised report will explain in detail what part needs attention and the process involved. This report is forwarded to you as the customer for your consideration.

Once we have received your consent to proceed we will re-manufacture your engine to our exacting standards. .

Why re-manufacture?

  • Safety on the water.
  • Cost savings compared to new purchase
  • High quality components.
  • Highly qualified mechanics.
  • Guaranteed work.
  • Maintain your original engine.
  • Better for the environment.
  • Maintain vessels value.
  • No hidden costs.