Cylinder Head Services in Sunbury-on-Thames, UK

When you need your cylinder head reconditioned or repaired, we will give you a fast, bespoke, professional service from start to finish.

Fast Turn-a-rounds

We understand that time is money and you need a service that is fast, reliable and requires a precise approach each time. We will diligently handle your cylinder head from strip down, to cleaning, testing, and rebuilding.

Bespoke Cylinder Head Services

Every time you use us, we will provide you with a bespoke service ensuring you receive the service you need and want. We recondition or repair your engines’ parts to fit in with your business needs or lifestyle in a timely manner.

Cylinder Head Specialists

Whatever parts you need reconditioning or repairing, we are able to provide you with a complete cylinder head service for many makes, models, and types of vehicle.

We can repair, recondition and supply your:

  • Pistons
  • Camshafts
  • Conrods
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Camshaft Rockers
  • Crank Shafts
  • Crank Bearings
  • Piston Rings
  • Gaskets

Our process guarantees to thoroughly inspect, clean and rebuild your cylinder head in simple steps to ensure precision and completeness.

1. Collection

To ensure a speedy cylinder head service, we will arrange to collect your engine parts from you.

We can collect from your:

  • Local Garage
  • Home Address

2. Disassembly

Once we receive your engine cylinder head from you, we will strip everything down into its component parts. This attention to detail gives you reassurance that we inspect and treat parts individually so we miss nothing.

3. First Cleaning

We clean every part of your cylinder head using the latest methods so we can begin resolving the issues and bringing your old parts back to new condition. We do this in a number of ways before we machine them.


Your engine cylinder head parts will enjoy a hot tank method for getting rid of years of accumulated dirt, grease, carbon, and corrosion. By removing these, we can see where your issues may lie in any hairline cracks or other flaws.


Our cleaning process ensures your engine parts are free of any carbon build-ups on the surfaces. This is a standard method to begin refurbishing and repairing your cylinder head.

Skimming (resurfacing)

Your parts will usually require their surface to be renewed as part of our reconditioning process. Your parts will regain a smooth, flat surface and an improved finish using dry milling techniques.

4. Pressure Testing (150psi)

Your cylinder head will be pressure tested looking for any leaks whether internal or external. This method allows us to discover if any cracks are present in your cylinder head that will need repairing.

5. Hot Testing

We will submerge your cylinder head in hot water (60c) to test the pressure further looking for any leaks present at the engines’ operating temperature. This inexpensive method checks your head casting is fine and there are no other problems with the cooling system.

6. Examined for wear and breakage

We examine all components of your cylinder head checking for any signs of wear and breakage to ensure a complete cylinder head service. Only by checking each component can we ensure your engine parts are going to work together without further issue.

7. Replacement of warn out, missing, or non-functioning parts

As part of your engine reconditioning or repair service, parts we find are warn-out or non-functioning, or even missing, we will replace with new or reconditioned parts.

Your engines’ cylinder head will have:

  • Valve guides replaced
  • Seats re-cut
  • Valves refaced
  • New oil stem seals

8. Reassembled

Once we have cleaned, resurfaced, fixed any cracks and replaced parts, we will carefully rebuild your cylinder head to a high standard like new. Piece by piece, your engine head will be reassembled to manufacturers specifications.

Your rebuild will include:

  • Valve clearance adjustments

9. Delivery

As soon as we have re-built your engine cylinder head, we will arrange to have your parts returned to your garage or your home address on a day that suits you. You will have peace of mind that your parts will be available on time, and where they need to be.

Your reconditioned or repaired engine cylinder head will be:

  • Functional equivalent of a new part
  • Indistinguishable from a new part

Why choose us?

  •  Fully Inclusive refurbishment or repair
  •  Fast, bespoke cylinder head services
  •  No hidden costs
  •  12 months parts and labour warranty

Do you need professional cylinder head services?

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